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Can I submit SAT scores after Early Decision deadline?

I took the SAT on November 7th, after submitting the common app on Nov 1st. For my ED college (Carnegie Mellon University) I selected the box that said that I didn't want my SAT scores to be considered.

I think this was a mistake. Can I still send my score reports to the college when they come out on November 20th or has that ship sailed? Thank you.

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10 months ago

So typically you apply by the deadline first, and then send your supporting documents afterwards (e.g., SAT scores, transcript, etc.).

If you made a mistake on your application, then you should call the admission department of the school. They can help you change it to application with test scores. As long as you explain to them and get that fixed, everything should be fine.

Students change their mind about applying with/without test scores all the time.

Hope this helps!

10 months ago

Just want to second @jeremiahjensen04's response: the ship has certainly not sailed, and as long as you reach out (the sooner, the better!) to the admissions department and let them know, there shouldn't any issue in getting your scores considered. Best of luck!

10 months ago

I just took my SAT too, but they have been telling me I can still show it to the college if I get the score I want. I think it depends on the college you are going to. Like mine says if I take my PERT or SAT that I have within 30 days or less to show them the score, or they won't accept it.


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