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Does Extracurricular Really Affect My Chance?

I am top ranked in my graduating class and I get along well with all my teachers. However, I don’t have much extracurricular activities because I had issues with transportation and at home. I was wondering will this keep me from getting into competitive schools like UPenn, NYU, and Carnegie Mellon? Thank you!

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@Jada.brittle11 months ago

Extra-curriculars really depend on what school you're going to, if you want to go to an ivy league school extra curriculars are SUPER important, they are also a good way to set you apart from others with the same grades when applying to any school. But since you are the top in your class that could really boost you're chances also, but to be safe i would try just a couple extra curriculars.

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11 months ago

At competitive institutions, extracurricular activities do play a significant role since a majority of their applicants have strong grades and SAT scores. Extracurriculars can help differentiate some students from the rest. However, an essay can do the same thing. I would explain your transportation challenges and issues at home somewhere within your application, so the admissions officer has some context. But, my main advice for you would be to really focus on your personal essay - make sure it leaves the reader with something memorable and impactful.


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