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I have an interview with an Honors College alum next week and I just wanted to see if anyone had any tips or suggested questions to ask? I am a very anxious person so I want any I could plan ahead for so I can write them down and not blank in the moment!

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9 months ago

To be honest, I’m anxious about my upcoming interviews too, but the best way to prepare, I suppose, is to do your research! This is imperative! The more you now about the school from an applicant standpoint as far as what interests you, what resources you’ve been looking into, and where you hope to direct your studies is what they’ll be looking for. Also, they wish to know more about the student they’re receiving, so think about the things you do on an average day: your hobbies, extracurriculars, club activities, etc. I believe your answers should be HIGHLY reflective of what you’ve placed on your application, but in a more conversational/explanatory way.

Furthermore, be engaging! Act very interested! Be polite, kind, and formal! Some questions that could be asked should pertain to your plans. Like: Can I double-major? Are there concentrations for my major? What are options for minors? Are there any clubs or student organizations related to my academic interests? What are research opportunities? Internship opportunities? What about this program(a) or program(b)? What are your merit scholarship offers? Are their any traditions this school has? What are on-campus dorms/housing like? Blah blah blah?

For someone anxious like me (and who hasn’t left the house much since March), I would suggest you practice within your head and take deep breathes before the interview. If through a conference screening, look decent and well prepared. Also make you background/room presentable.

9 months ago

Some questions you can ask can be questions that brings the interviewer in.


- Why did you choose this college?

- What advice will you give incoming freshman?

- What did you like best about your college years?

9 months ago

The interview is my favorite part XD

Some tips:

1) Be prepared. Asking something that could be read on the website is a red flag.

2) Remember that you are talking to a real life human that has interests and specific things they enjoy about the school too ;)

3) Dress well, even if you are at home.

Some things I asked:

- How does your school get into the holiday spirit?

- Where is *your* (not the, I wanted to know *her* favorite) favorite place to enjoy quiet time on campus?

- Outside of (the characteristics they tend to list on their website) what is your favorite part about the student body?

- This one I took a risk with but: Do you see me as a good fit for your school?

My interviewer and I actually had an interest in common, so we ended up spending a lot of time talking about soil composition and how we might create atmospheres and farm on Mars. Just relax, remember you are talking to another person, and have fun.

Good luck 😊


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