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Does North Carolina a and t have a entrepreneurship program?

Wondering if North Carolina a and t has a entrepreneurship program

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I do not believe North Carolina A&T has a degree program labeled “Entrepreneurship”. Instead, other business and economic degrees include: “Accounting”, “Business Information Technology”, “Economics”, “Finance”, “Management”, and “Marketing” List of degree programs from: (https://www.ncat.edu/academics/majors-minors-and-programs/index.php)

In fact, I don’t think most schools have a degree program labeled “Entrepreneurship” because this is rather a career title. However, if this is what you are looking into, I’d advise you to consider your interests within this field and determine a major listed above from NCa&t that best fits those interests and business aspirations. Google search “best majors for entrepreneurs” and you’ll receive a site that lists the top five as: (1) Computer Science, (2) Communication, (3) Marketing, (4) Finance, and (5) Psychology... (10) “Anything you’re actually passionate about” (https://www.brazen.com/resources/10-best-college-majors-for-entrepreneurs)

I believe you should start with your interests and go from there; furthermore, you can research particular offerings at NCa&t that best fit your desires, such as clubs, resources, etc.

Hope this helped somewhat!


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