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Will a C in health ruin your transcript?

My unweighted gpa is a slacking 3.82; meanwhile my weighted gpa is a 4.61. This is largely because I’ve had a C in health and multiple B’s in other courses during the finale of the 2019-20 academic year. These discrepancies are gravely due to my mentality suffering to the pandemic crisis of the year. Will this hurt me from getting into Ivy+ schools (i.e Duke, Stanford, CalTech etc.)?

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A C won't ruin you unless (for example), you are applying to mathematics with a C in math. However, colleges compare you to your other students at your school. 3.82 unweighted is around the averages of many of the top schools and you are already on the higher bracket of weighted GPAs. I wouldn't worry. They want to see that you worked hard. I got stressed too, stress will make everything collapse so try to manage stress. Also, extracurriculars/essays are way more important. You are already qualified to go to these schools if it was solely on grades alone.


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