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If my unweighted GPA is a 3.65, is there anyway I can get a scholarship anywhere?

I am really smart but I wasn't my Freshman year and it ruined my cumulative GPA, I have really big goals for college but no money

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@CameronBameron4 years ago

What grade are you in? What's your weighted GPA? When you say you have no money, does that mean you qualify for free or reduced meals at school? Is your family income less than $65-75K between both parents? Did you already take your 11th grade PSAT? SAT? ACT? any APs or SAT 2s? That will help if you provide some more background and context. No one can make a guess for you based on what you wrote.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Kaylasmoke4 years ago

I am a senior applying for colleges right now. my weighted is a 3.69 which is so close to the 3.7 that I needed for some scholarships. I do not qualify for free or reduced meals, as for my family income I am not quite sure, but its just my mom. I took the 11th grade PSAT, then I took the SAT this month (waiting for score) and I am taking it in December (I strongly believe my December score will be in the 1200-1600 range. I am taking an AP English exam, but not until May.

@CameronBameron4 years ago

What state do you live in and what if may ask did you get on your PSAT? So you don't have any AP Test scores then? Last question, what are your ECs like, sports, band/orchestra, clubs, leadership, community service?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Kaylasmoke4 years ago

i live in idaho and i got a 1040 on the psat. i haven’t taken any ap tests. i am a competitive figure skater (with a regionals title). i was concert master in band for 2 years, i’m in the boise figure skating club, and community service wise i’ve done volunteering for a food bank, parks, my old school, a church, an old folks home, and i’ve coached figure skating and hockey for 2 years. and i also have added to my apps that i have taught people with special needs how to skate as well

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4 years ago

I believe you absolutely can earn Scholarship money from schools. For one, some schools consider merit-based scholarships (those earned by GPA and SAT/ACT) through a probability-table type thing. To understand what I mean by this, remember “times tables” from third grade math (lol)? Well, one side of that probability table is GPA and the other is SAT/ACT; hence, the range for GPA could be something like 3.0-3.49 next to 3.5-3.99 next to 4.0-4.49 next to 4.5+. And the SAT/ACT would be on a gradual scale as well. So say you scored a 1300 SAT (I believe you will) and your GPA of 3.65, with this, depending on the school of course, you’ll fall into an intermediate range for merit Scholarships.

From my home state WV, West Virginia University provides a visual graph of what I mean. Use this as an example: (https://admissions.wvu.edu/cost-and-aid/scholarship-chart)

What to type into google for search of your intended School: “[your school here] merit scholarships”

Note: Some schools (presumably elite) will do this from 3.5-4.5+ while others may do a scale from 2.5 or 3.0-4.0+

Hope this helped somewhat, also, remember to file FAFSA and CSS for need-based financial aid—Best of luck!!

4 years ago

Since you have such strong ECs in figure skating and hockey, I think you should apply to colleges that have a strong presence in those sports that are also competitive with academics as well. I'm attaching a link to the US Figure skating list of colleges and coach contacts. Schools out of state like Miami U. in Ohio, Boston University, William and Mary, University of Maryland, Connecticut College, Colgate, etc would be a good fit for you. The PDF contains a grid of all intercollegiate teams. My thought process is that you love skating and that's your big spike, so you should figure out which schools might be a good fit. I think you have many scholarship opportunities but remember that if you are applying for merit, the harder the school is you apply, the fewer merit opportunities there are since everyone is super smart. For instance, Cornell or U Mich might be a far reach and no merit. But U of Miami Ohio may give you a combination of Merit for your GPA and need-based money based on you filling out the CSS Profile and FAFSA. You still will have to do work-study and possibly take out some loans but you will be out of Idaho doing what you love at more competitive colleges. (Anecdotally, I have a skater friend who just graduated from the University of Maryland and loved it).





Best of luck to you.

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