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I received a low score on the SAT Essay, should I still send SAT scores?

So I didn't know you can't send your sat scores without the essay and I received a low score on the essay. My overall sat score is good for the schools I am applying too but im wondering if I should even submit them at all considering my essay score was so low. Any advice on whether I should send it or not? How important is the sat essay? (I am not sending these scores to competitive schools)

Thank you!

@VeggieDancea year ago

What schools are you thinking of sending them to and what are the competitive schools?

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a year ago

Hey! I think that you should consider whether or not the schools you are applying to are test optional or even require the SAT Essay. Did you take the essay with the intention of sending the essay score to schools that require it?

A lot of applications allow for self-reporting and later on ask you to send the scores. If the self-reporting on those websites just ask for the numbers on the Math and Reading/Writing, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Most of the time, the SAT Essay section I believe is used for English requirements, just like the Reading/Writing section usually. Especially since you are not applying to competitive schools, I'm pretty positive that your great score overall will shine more than a lower essay score.

When I took the SAT, I just assumed all my schools would need the essay (Did great on the essay, not too hot on the SAT), only to find out that none of them did! Because of everything going on with COVID and most schools going test-optional, I honestly think you will be fine reporting your SAT score.

TLDR: Submit your scores! If the school REQUIRES the SAT Essay, then maybe think a bit more. Otherwise, go for it! If test-optional, think a bit if you need to submit it/need the SAT score to get into the college.


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