10 months ago
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can i enter my pre-act scores?

im in the 11th grade and i havent taken the act or sat only the pre-act should i enter that in my profile?

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10 months ago

Stubbing in your PRE-ACT score is a good place holder. If you plan on studying very hard for the real ACT then add a few point to it.

So if you got a 28 Pre-Act, you probably can walk into the real one and get a 27-29 but if you plan on putting 100-200 hours worth of serious effort you can probably get your score up to a 31-32. Take that advice with a grain of salt because if you have a 33 Pre score it doesn't mean you are going to get a 33-35 without studying. To make a jump from a 33 to a 35 is very difficult. Take it from me, it took me months of grinding to do that.


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