11 months ago
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How do universities consider summer school courses

So I decided to take careers and civics in summer school which was 2 0.5 credit courses that aren't academic. It kind of brought my avg down a bit, would universities care at all. I know they will but will that make or break my application


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11 months ago

Your summer course shows that you were keeping busy at a time when you didn't have to be taking classes but instead of working or doing something fun.

I don't think these summer classes will make or break your application. Since you mentioned that they brought your GPA down, I'm assuming they were taken through your school district. To make up the deficit, try to get better grades in your CORE which is more important to college admissions officers. Getting As in Math, Science, History, Language or English will get you noticed more than having a mixed record and getting better grades in electives.

Hope that helps, good luck.


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