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Why cannot I pay for css profile as an Indian student ??


I am an international student and am not able to submit my css profile as it was showimg invalid transaction. I was using the debit VISA card.

Hi @Anu, Have you contacted College Board customer support? They offer support tailored to international students filling out a CSS profile. Their international number is 212-299-0096 and their hours are 9am-10pm ET Monday-Friday. They are accessible by chat and by email, which you can access through this link: Let me know if you have any more questions!
Yes done, thank you. What is SIN/SSN no. in case of International students and do we need to fill the IDOC form before the answer of the colleges?

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You should try contacting CSS's support service. They'll know what to do. It could be there's a service downtime or your card.