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Extracurricular vs. Major

Hello! I'm a high school junior and I'm thinking of majoring in Business and Sustainability. But my artistic passion (and what my extracurriculars seem to be) are creative writing (screenwriting) related. Due to COVID-19, it's been hard finding extracurriculars related to my major. Will colleges accept me if I have creative writing as extracurriculars? Any suggestions?

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It is definitely a bonus to have other extracurriculars outside your major. It can demonstrate your commitment and passion. However, it is also important to have extracurriculars that support your major. Maybe volunteer or intern at sustainability nonprofit or even start your own. Think about why you chose your major and show that you are also passionate about your major! Colleges will accept you if they see your dedication in creative writing plus sustainability and business.

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10 months ago

Hello!! There is no need to worry about if colleges will accept you or not solely based on your extracurriculars. Creative writing shows that you are a strong writer and can solve problems in unique ways. However, they do look to see if you are participating in anything that correlates with your desired major. Due to COVID-19, it is definitely difficult to participate in extracurriculars and colleges understand that. I am not sure what your school is doing, but mine is about to start up club meetings through Google Meets. You could bring this up to your admin and see if you all can start something!

Here is my suggestion though! Research about online publication places that take volunteers. I know that there are a lot of websites for sustainability and environmental-related issues. I am even a volunteer of one! I am a member of the map team for OursToSave which is based in London. I have been able to find a lot of local stories and meet passionate individuals from all over the world! There are tons of websites and groups of people who are looking for individuals who would volunteer to help their group. Your best bet is to look on social media, Instagram and Twitter, and reach out. (I am also sure there are also ones related to business, I hope, or something similar to it).

I'm not very certain what business entails, but I am sure you can find something or even start up a group yourself! You can create a FaceBook group page and have people from your community join it. You could ask people in your school, family members, friends, etc. to see who would be interested. Find people who share relatively the same interests, whether it is solely business, sustainability, environmental science or studies, or all together.

Remember, extracurriculars do not have to be sponsored by your school! I hope I helped you and I wish you luck :)

10 months ago

I agree with what @ulafu said about having a mix of extracurriculars that are related an unrelated to your major. I also wonder if there is a way you can tie sustainability themes in your creative writing.

I also agree with what @maddisonhughes said about creating your own extracurricular! If you are looking for an EC within your school, one idea could be to start a sustainability club at your high school. Depending on what your school's COVID situation is, you could even meet virtually to discuss articles/research, look at sustainability data, analyze sustainable businesses, brainstorm ways your school can implement more sustainable practices, and find volunteer opportunities together. This would show a good mix of interest in sustainability, business awareness, and group leadership!


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