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Would my classes be consider rigours because of the year that I took them, the amount I took, and the schedule I had

I need some help determining how rigorous colleges would see my schedule to be. I am currently taking two AP classes, AP Calculus AB, and AP Biology. These are the only AP classes that I have taken. Due to COVID my school decided to go on a 4x4, which basically means that we hav four classes per quarter and one of those classes we will have all year, and the other three classes am an be changed each quarter. So basically I only have two quarters each for both of my AP classes, so I have to do a semesters worth of work in a quarter. I am also taking an extra class which I do during seminar and I will have it all year. I am taking computer service and support and taking cybersecurity as my extra class. I am also taking coding 1 and 2 so that I can earn a career pathway in cybersecurity. Also the virtual classes that has us take if we don’t have room in our schedule doesn’t follow our schedule so I have to do one of the quarters of the class at home. This is all in my senior year. I am also if taking a taking precalculus in junior year and taking algebra II in sophomore year would be considered rigorous. My GPA in sophomore year was 3.49, in junior year it was 3.7, and this year so far I have had all As in my first quarter ( I had AP Biology then) and so far in this quarter I only have a B in calculus and have As in my virtual class (doing it at home right now), coding 1, art, and in my two year long courses. I am also participating in Robotics and have recently participated in my first CyberPatriots competition. All I have seen about class rigor is the amount of honors, AP, and IB classes, being what determines it so I don’t if colleges would consider my classes to be rigorous or not and will only take into account the amount of APs that I have done, which is only 2.

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My school is also a 4x4 so I understand your schedule. I'm not sure how many AP classes your school offers and if it's primarily IB based, AP based, or honors. If it's primarily AP then you taking two AP courses would not be considered rigorous because colleges can see how many AP courses are offered at your school.

I think that two aren't enough especially in your last year because you want to show colleges that you have the ability to take college-level classes and are ready for it. Usually you want to take AP classes beginning in junior year and continue taking them into your senior year. Having a couple is better than none though. My suggestion for you is to complete these classes with As and take the AP test. Even if you don't do great on the AP test, colleges like to see that you tried it and it'll probably make up for your lack of previous AP courses.

Now, taking into account all the tough courses and extracurriculars in your last year of high school, it'll be impressive to colleges if you finish them with As and a few Bs. Your GPA isn't bad because you keep improving year after year, just don't slack off this year. You know what career you want and your classes reflect that. I assume that you have taken all the coding and IT related classes at your school. It is true that colleges look at the amount of AP, honors, or IB classes that you took but they will not only look at that to consider whether or not to admit an applicant. It wouldn't hurt to write that as one of your essay topics why you didn't take more AP classes.

So the bottom line is, yes your classes can be considered rigorous if you work hard to achieve a good grade in each.

If you do end up having another question or need me to explain it again feel free to ask. Good luck with your classes and college applications!


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