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What do AOs see in grades?

When admissions officers see your grades, do they just see the overall GPA or do they see your individual grades? If so, would they see the trimesters, semesters, or just the grade you got in the year per class?


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11 months ago

Admissions officers see the entire transcript that your high school counselor sends.

Therefore they see all your classes from 9th to 12th grade, all your grades by however your school reports them (either by semester, trimester, or quarters) and your GPA by each tranche (so if your school uses semester, they would see 7 full semesters of grades/GPAs before you get accepted in most cases if you apply regular decision ((6 if you apply ED, EA but you still have to report your mid-year grades)).) They will see your semester GPA, weighted and non-weighted, and your cumulative GPA as well. Sometimes they put class rank as well on the transcript.

Hope that is helpful.


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