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What other NYU school should I put down on common app?

One question on NYU’s specific Common App says to put down other schools besides your first choice. The choices show different majors with the school in parentheses. Can I choose a different major within the same school or do they want a completely different school altogether? It’s unclear with the specific major as the main choice and the school in parentheses.

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I'm not sure about NYU specifically, but I've learned for multiple schools, that question is meant for people interested in competetive majors. If your first choice is competitive, the your second shouldn't be. Also, I've heard from another school that it's used to get an idea of what you like. If I were you, I would put whatever my second choice is, whether it be in the same school or not. If a school would ever want you to major in something in another field than you want, they're not the one for you. Hope this was somewhat helpful ! :)


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