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what extracurriculars look best on college applications if you want to double major in journalism and political science?

i am a high school junior, so luckily i still have some time to add some more extracurriculars, but i also don't want to look like i started anything this late in my hs career just so they'll look good when i apply to colleges. currently, i am a member of student council, DECA, and Varsity Cheer. i wanted to start a chapter of High School Democrats of America, but i wasn't sure if many people in my area would be interested in that.

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You can look into what skills a specific college values and choose your activities accordingly. If you just want to choose what activities you think are best for you now and see which colleges match best with that, then follow your heart. There is no right answer here, just a preference for long-term or short-term goals. Believe in yourself even though they might not approve of it. Being confident is what you need right now to accompany you with this.

I hope I helped and good luck! :)


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