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Cullen College of Engineering How competitive is it?

Cullen College of Engineering How competitive is it?

Gpa stats

Sat stats

I am an IB diploma student will that make me competitive?


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University of Houston Cullen College is sort of in the middle of Engineering schools ranking. Not particularly challenging.

If you are a Texas resident and are ranked in the Top 10% of your HS, you are automatically admitted just like the University of Texas.

GPA - 3.73 Weighted

SAT/ACT - Minimum of 1270 and 26 for the ACT

Admissions rate = 42% so not that competitive for Engineering Schools

HS - Coursework required, 4 years English, 4 Years Math (up to Calculus preferred), 1-year Chemistry, 1-year Physics, 3 years Social studies

If you have an A Grade Point average and done very well in IB classes, I'm sure you will have no problem getting in.

Good Luck.

3 years ago[edited]

GPA for Cullen College is from http://www.uh.edu/grad-catalog-archive/2009/egr/ece_courses.html

The minimum GPA is 3.00 and consent of the Graduate Director is required for an undergraduate or PB student to enroll in ECE graduate level courses (6000 level or above)

This SAT stats I found for Cullen College is on https://www.uh.edu/undergraduate-admissions/apply/freshman-majors-additional-requirements.pdf

The SAT Stats is All Others WITH A TEST SCORE SAT | ACT 1270 (630 ERW) | 27 (54 ENG + READ) 1320 (630 ERW) | 28 (54 ENG + READ) 1400 (630 ERW) | 31 (54 ENG + READ) 1420 (630 ERW) | 32 (54 ENG + READ)

To me do not try and stress yourself with SAT. Just calm down, give yourself a rest, and study your way for the SAT. That should help you do well.

Does this help? Also, good luck!

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