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How competitive is admission into UTD for computer engineering

UTD engineering How competitive is it?

Gpa stats

Sat stats

I am an IB diploma student will that make me competitive?

@DebaterMAXa year ago

Is this UT-Dallas?

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yes @DebaterMAX

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Admissions competitiveness depends on whether you're in-state or out-of-state. If you're out of state, then it could get tougher.

That being said, to gauge how competitive it is, search for the acceptance rate by subject. The general acceptance rate is close to 70%, but this could reduce when you factor in the fact that Computing related majors are more competitive, generally, than other majors.

Good luck.

a year ago

So UTD as a whole admits 70% of its students and I couldn't find data on this but for all texas schools public ones at least favor instate residents by a significant margin. As UTD is kinda the closest thing you'll get to a texas version of cal poly (STEM-based institution) but as they do have other majors that's 70% may become 60% in regards to engineering students. The average ACT is a 28 (low 1300s SAT) with a minimum of high 1100s.Im not sure how correct this is but a site (3rd party) has the average gpa as 3.78. Also according to their website they do facto in rigor and IB is definitely rigor. Id encourage you to go to the school search and type it dallas and you should see UTD and be able to find other school statistics. Hope this helps!


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