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Looking for help regarding extracurricular activities

I am in 9th grade from Pakistan (where extracurricular activities are not the norm) but I want to be eligible for MIT. I woukd love to get some ideas. My passions are programming, Maths, psychology, researching and working for women rights and racial equality. I also love teaching and am an excellent leader with a love for discipline. Keep in mind that in Pakistan, we can not be founder of school clubs or make an impact even if in the student council. So please recommend some outside school activities that would be impressive for colleges, (one of my passions) and i could pursue it over the next four years at high school.

Thank you to anyone that takes the time to help me! :)

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10 months ago

You could program a website to make an impact or an app that does something useful. Doing a research project (possibly in psychology) and getting paper published is really impressive for colleges, and with that paper you could enter competitions. I wish you the best of luck (when you succeed it will be even greater because of the circumstances you overcame)


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