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Does what you want to major in be related to your EC´s in High School?

Iḿ kind of freaking out because I feel like iḿ giving up my chance of getting into a good school. My older sibling thinks I could be good at running and I could get scouted. But I don't want to run, I don't like running and kind of want to do my own thing. But they say I could start to like it once I start doing it more. Right now I´m doing other EC´s related to software development and math, Iḿ trying to get an application promoted by my district and I´ve also made a YT channel that aims to help students with math by sharing some advice I have for math (I used to struggle with math a lot, now not so much Iḿ in an advanced math path and am getting A+´s in them and maintaining that grade throughout the year.). But whenever I´m doing software development think of running I feel overwhelmed with anxiety that Iḿ choosing the wrong path, I think everyday that I don't train I'm running out of time, my older sibling doesn't make it any better whenever I see them I kind of feel unworthy and they call me lazy for not running and that Iḿ not doing things that are useful.

I also like art but I don't know if I should pursue it either because that just seems it doesn't match with what I want to major in, Electrical engineering and computer science. I know what you do in highschool doesn't need to align with what you want to major in, I want to sort of combined my EC´s. Iḿ kind of having an Identity crises and am torn on how I should go about the EC´s I should do.

Additionally if you have any advice on how I can control not being worried about the future, if iḿ doing things right and being anxious about both of those things I appreciate the advice!


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The top hyperlink for MyMajors is a pretty accurate personality that matches you with majors that your personality relates to. I tested and 6/10 of the majors I got recommended were ones I’m looking at.


With that being said extracurriculars are important in admissions at selective schools not good ones. For example UOregon UKansas UKentucky UWV among other schools has a higher than 80% admit rate and these are all good schools. These schools focus on HS academic for basis of admissions.

Selective schools are good schools too but as it’s more competitive to get in. These are the ivies Stanford UCLA et cetera. These schools want you to be amazing in everything.

Then there’s the middle ground that want some extracurriculars and academics but primarily focus on academics. These are the schools that admit about half including Washington (Seattle) Minnesota, Maryland, Florida, Georgia. No matter what these schools are are good great schools.

With that being said if you want to get into selective schools you should add to your EC profile. But with your current ECs you should get into the vast majority of the “middle ground” schools with your current ECs assuming you have around a 3.5 GPA.

Even if you apply to selective schools don’t be worried as Harvard admits only 7%. With that said I wouldn’t apply to the selective schools as your ECs likely can’t be boosted in time. Some of the fringe selective alike UT Austin UFL are feasible.

Search for a schools that has your major and one has a good campus feel (city/rural enrollment et cetera)

As for reducing anxiety try to tell yourself that you need to do x then you can do y. Instead of saying I need to do xy. Also impress yourself not others. If you feel like you are doing good on your projects and then a sibling tells you you are wrong focus on what you think of it.

You are the expert on yourself no one else.

As for the majors I would personally steer you away from art as it’s not a super successful career it’s a great hobby but shouldn’t be your job.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

Good luck!

11 months ago

First thoughts: hmm... seems like a good common app topic : )

Whatever grade your in (freshman I assume), or wherever you attend school, extracurriculars in anything are great! They represent you ability to step away from the classroom and indulge yourself with a more life-like environment where you could become a leader, an inspirer, and/or a creator. In your case, and I know this is really cliche, but you just gotta follow your heart, your interests, and your desires. Where do you see yourself? Who do you want to become? What will benefit you in the long run? I understand that the circumstance you’re in is a “mentality thing”, but sometimes you just can’t please everyone while pleasing yourself. It’s a barrier some of us have to break to really find ourselves—it seems as though you’ve approached that barrier sooner than many. I suggest doing what’s doable while maintaining grades and doing what makes you happy. Remember, EC’s shouldn’t be about pleasing the college, but about pleasing yourself, because only you will make a difference within that field of interest, study, academics, sports, etc.

My narrative: As an XC and Track runner myself, I was sort of in your position too. In all honesty, I loved my pre-medical studies and my exploration through the internet on genetics; also, at the same time, I loved the team and the feel of those Friday night lights at the big stadium where our meets were held. But anyhow, I fell away from sports... like a lot. This because I became so fascinated with science and mathematics that I joined things like Math & Science Quiz Bowl, HS Math Field Day, Mu Alpha Theta, and what not. The only setback with this is that, indeed, you do have to overcome that barrier of disappointment that you feel from your teammates (and especially the coach, man I felt so terrible). As the third best runner on the team, it wasn’t enough to override my “nerdy-ambitions”, so to speak, and I ultimately took time with my academic interests. I think either way you go, both sports and club/interest activities are great—mine in particular were split in half by a concentration in sports in the first two years and a concentration in club events my final two (well not this year, COVID sorta ruined that).

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What you major in does not have to be related to your Extracurriculars. It doesn't even have to be related to anything you've done in high school. If you don't want to run, then you don't have to, it's your life. If you get scouted, then you'll be spending a lot of time away from what you actually want to do with training and meets. I like the other EC's you're pursuing because it sounds like you are really into it and helping others. There is no wrong or right path, don't feel pressured by others around you. Everyone pursues different hobbies, majors, jobs, interests, etc and you can always switch majors or decide to try something new. If you like art, spend some time doing it. Spend time doing things you like and give other things, such as running a chance to figure out if you like it. If you find that you forget to eat and sleep or maybe you're too excited to do it, then that is what you should pursue because you have a desire to do it. I know everyone says you have time, but a lot of times it's not believable. However, if we do things one step at a time, with each step leading towards our goal, then we can do it. Set deadlines for yourself, mini goals, use calendars, study apps, time management apps, whatever helps you. Everyone is unique and there is not wrong direction in life as long as we enjoy what we do and we try our best to do it well.

Good luck on your EC's and applying to college.


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