10 months ago
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Can I use Candara as font for my resume?

I want a fun but sophisticated font that is not overused. (I am applying to an art-related major) Is Candara appropriate for a resume?


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10 months ago

I installed Candara and Candara Light on my computer and tried it out on a resume. It looks very nice. To me, it is less sophisticated and more of a casual clean font I can see being used in Southern California ad agencies. One thing I immediately noticed is that is it is a wider font that gives the appearance of being spread out versus being compact. So when I picked the 12 pt on the document it looked more like a 13 pt. That was easily corrected by going down to an 11 pt set. When I compared it to Calibra or other popular fonts, the 11 pt Candara works better instead of the 12 pt version. (I did try the Candara Light and didn't like it).

Since you are an arts major, this will be a good choice IMO.

Hope that helps.


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