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How to deal with challenges?



be specific about your challenge please?
Everyday life challenges
More specific details. Did you overcome an obstacle et cetera.
Yeah... this is very, very broad.
He may not be fluent in english. He said grade 12 instead of 12th grade implying he may not be from USA and seems to be using simple sentences and words so it is likely he cannot describe it in english. What language do you speak
@ElijahK Great catch!
True, also I think he or she new too.

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If you are competing with any challenges in your life, just take a deep breath, and move on. You have to be confident about yourself and be sure about what your solution. Stressing yourself out will not possibly help with your challenge. For me, I do not let any negative emotion get to me. I am always positive even in harsh situations.

I hope I helped :)

Also, maybe tell me more about your challenges, or you don't have to tell us at all.