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What are some good business Universities in America?

I am interested in business but not exactly sure which in-depth subject. Maybe accounting or Business admin? I have a low SAT score 1140, but I wont be reporting my score because its bad and I was only able to take the SAT once. Any privates or public universities you recommend? Life advice is welcomed too :)

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What's your unweighted GPA, course rigor (did you take APs or advanced maths and science?) and what kind of ECs did you in high school. That will help narrow down the list from hundreds of schools.

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My unweighted GPA is 3.79 and my weighted GPA is 4.096. The APs I've taken include: AP Physics 1, AP Biology, AP English Lang, AP Calculus AB and BC. I am currently taking: AP Spanish, AP English Lit, AP Computer Science Principles and AP Stats. I didn't do much Extra Curriculars. I participated in the school newspaper for two years, a dance club for 2 years as well, a college preparatory program (Upwards Bound) for 3 years and other hobbies.

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Here is a link to Top Undergraduate Business Schools from Poets and Quants which is a blog you should be tracking or joining. They have a list for MBA schools as well but this one will suit you better than USNews or other lists.


As usual Wharton is the Top of the list followed by MIT, Berkeley, UMich and NYU. CMU, UT Austin, Cornell , UNC and UVA are the next 5.

Since you are a smart student with good course rigor and a fairly high GPA and decent ECs, I would pick 3 or 4 of these as my reach schools.

Then for my targets I would pick schools like Wisonsin, GTech, Purdue, Illinois, Boston College, PennState, MichState and for my safeties schools like Syracuse, UMassAmherst, Univ. of Oregon, UPitt, SMU, Villanova, something like that.

My dad went to Syracuse undergrad and CMU grad, and there is huge jump in nerd difficultly to go from SU to CMU. At SU he was a finance major and thought he knew his stuff but at CMU that's rocket science. So it was super hard to keep up with all the financial engineering content, programing, modelling etc. Don't bite off more than you can chew if you want to have a social life as well. And then once you get to MIT or Haas, that's very cerebral and difficult.

Also, don't declare a major yet, or if the school is super hard pick the least difficult major so you can get accepted right away rather than transferring in Sophomore year. So at your reach schools don't put down Finance, or Financial Engineering, pick Marketing or Data Sciences.

Good luck.


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