4 years ago
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Is this "mistake" devastating or should I not worry about it?

So on the common application, I forgot to report the IB tests that I PLAN on taking my senior year. I only reported the scores that I HAVE taken. I was about to curl up in a ball and cry for ten hours but I realized that I've indicated the classes that I'm taking senior year. In short, the college admission officers will see the HL IB classes that I'm taking currently; I just didn't report that I plan to take these tests. Would the admission officers be able to assume that I'm taking these IB tests because I'm taking the class? Is this mistake something to cry over for ten hours?


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4 years ago

Hi! This is definitely not something huge to worry about. If you have a past history of taking IB exams after you have taken IB classes, then the admissions counselors will likely understand what happened here. I would also add that non-scored exams, just the intent to take the exam, do not have much weight in the admissions process. So you really are fine! Applying to college is super nerve-wracking, we get it:)

4 years ago

Yes, this is the devastation of 2020, you’ll descend beneath the face of the earth, along with you IB tests, and forever be forgotten (no not really). I don’t believe this will impact you, though you may have a chance to explain your senior plans if given the opportunity through an interview. However, you definitely should’ve been more careful about this, some elite colleges are quite meticulous about what they see on applications and are made to believe this—as they can rightly assume you’ve taken your time to fill out everything. Besides, where did you apply? A Nov. 15 deadline college? In all honesty, the fact that you challenged yourself is what will stand out and what will matter to admissions offices at the end, because remember, AP/IB test scores aren’t meant to hurt you, only help.

“AP and IB scores are released after the end of the school year, so scores won't affect high school grades, she says. The actual exam scores don't affect the college admissions process – unless the student were to specifically send scores to schools they are applying to.” (https://www.usnews.com/high-schools/blogs/high-school-notes/articles/2017-07-10/4-facts-about-ap-ib-test-scores-for-parents)

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