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Does Johns Hopkins University weigh extracurriculars more than grades?


I heard that most Ivys care about essays and extracurriculars more than grades. Is this true for Johns Hopkins University as well?


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Not necessarily? From what I've heard, the way schools usually look at academics vs. extracurriculars is that you need to be above a certain cutoff academically, but once you're above it things like your ECs and essays matter more. But if you're below that cutoff, they're not even really going to read the rest of your application, so if you have amazing ECs but like a 2.7 you're not going to have a chance at a place like Hopkins.

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Yea, I'm not really sure if this is true? It could be in some cases but ECs and essays aren't the first thing a school is going to look at. You're going to need to have good grades (maybe average grades with a good hook would work too) for a school to even look at your ECs and essays. If you make it that far than maybe, yes, they might care more about ECs and essays at that point