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How do I calculate my GPA(Indian student)?

I’m a student currently studying in class 12. I’ve got good grades in my 10th boards and decent marks up till class 12. I want to apply for a university(first-year student). I have a few queries regarding this:

1. I want to calculate my GPA and “cumulative GPA”(whatever that is). How do I do that? My school doesn’t have any semester system. I don’t know what grades to provide for calculating my GPA. Should I provide my 10th or 11th marks? Or whatever I’ve got till now in 12th? Which grades am I supposed to use in the COLLEGEVINE GPA converter?

2. Am I only supposed to use my final grades for calculating my GPA?(since my school doesn’t have any semester system)

3. In the application, does class size refer to the number of students in your class or whole of 12th?

Thanks for your help 😊

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What is your grade table chart in India? Is it based on a 100 scale? Meaning if you get 90-100% you get the highest Grade, and then 80-90% you get the next mark. Or is it something completely different? I read that some elite HS in India are very stringent on grades so you have a 7 CGPA its an A

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For 10th 11th and 12th grade it’s based on 100 scale. For 10th board exam I was given letter grades. I don’t have CGPA grading system. I haven’t finished my final exam for 12th yet so I don’t know what grades to put.

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So if you get letter grades like A,B,C,D do you get grades like A+/A-,B+/B-, C+/C- as well? What is an A Grade numerically?

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For 10th grade we get A1, A2, B1, B2... I think an A1 grade is probably 94%, but it depends on the average marks of everyone. This is only for boards as it is a national exam. For school exams, I only know my numeric marks and not grades. Maybe I can find them out. But I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to use my 12th, 11th or 10th grades or an average. I don’t even know how to calculate as an average

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1. For Unweighted GPA you have to convert your A1, A2, B1, B2 into percentage grade into an alphabet grade on a 4.0 scale

So if A1 = 95% then that would an A which is 4.0 points

So if A2 = 90% then that would be an A- which is 3.7 points

So if B1 = 80-89% that would be a B+ if it's between 87-89% or 3.3 points, B if it is between 84-86% and a B- if it is between 80-83% so that would be 3.0 points or 2.7 points for B-.

So if B2 = 70-79%, that woul be a C+ if its 77-79%, C if its 74-77% and C- if its 70-73%, with 2.3, 2.0 and 1.7 Points respectively.

So to get UWGPA you take the average of all your classes in points you see for grades 9-12 (just the 1st semester of 12 grade or 1/2 year or mid report).

For example, let's say you take 5 1/2 classes for 9th grade, 6 1/2 classes for 10th grade and 7 classes for 11th grade, and 1/2(7 classes) for 12th grade.

Then you have a total of 22.5 classes correct? You make a table and assign an American Letter grade to your class (and here in the US some classes are 1/2 classes we call electives so you can assign a 1/2 class or unit or credit to that class.

You will have a column of American grades and a column of American numerical equivalents. In my example, there will be 23 rows for 22 classes and 1/2 class and each class gets an American grade like A- and the corresponding 3.7. Then you add up all the numerical values and then divide by 22.5. So the maximum grade you can get is 4.0 X 22.5 or 90 correct? So in my example if you get like an 85 you divide that by 22.5 and end up with a 3.78 UWGPA. Your UWGPA is 3.78 out 4.00 Maximum so it's an A Average but middle A average if that makes sense. Most Elite America college applicants have 3.9-4.0 UWGPA and most Very Competitive or Highly Selective colleges have a 3.7 to 3.9 UWGPA. And so forth down the line.

Keep in mind that I'm giving you the simple method. If you take AP classes or IB classes, there is a weight you add onto those, and that's too complicated to explain right now. No college requires you to submit your weighted GPA because that can be somewhat inflated depending on how the American HS calculates it. There are many students in the US that are brilliant with low weighted GPAs like 4.2 or 4.3 compared to average students who have a 4.8 to 5.3 GPA because their HS gives them 6 points for taking an honors class or IB class. So don't worry about that.

2.) You report the average of all your HS grades from 9th to wherever you are in 12th grade. Most American HS students report it this way. Since we have a semester, quarterly, or trimester system in America, that will work out to 7 semesters, 14 quarters, and 10 trimesters of grades by the time you apply to college.

3.) Your rank and class size are only filled out if you know you are say the 25th best student in a 12th grade class of 650 students. It is not your rank in the entire school of say 2600 students including 9th, 10th, and 11th graders, just your graduating class. The statistic most Top American colleges benchmark is if you are in the Top 10% of your class or the Top Quartile 25% of your class. If you are in the Top 10% that means you will be more suitable for Elite Colleges versus Very competitive or Highly competitive colleges.

Okay, good luck, and hope that gets you the basics understood.


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