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Why is there no category in the Extracurricular section for Foreign Exchange?

A significant feature of my college application is being the recipient of a nationwide scholarship to study abroad as one of only 65 students selected by the U.S. State department to participate in an exchange program. Many other exchange programs also may offer scholarships, although not all of them are sponsored at a national level--it seems like this would be an important type of extracurricular to list and I'm wondering why CollegeVine does not provide this category. My GPA is over 3.95 but I will be unable to take SATs or ACTs due to COVID restrictions in my state. The reason I would CollegeVine to include this in the extracurricular activities is so that I can better assess if I should apply to more or fewer top-level universities. Could you please include this?

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So 100% you should list it as an extracurricular. For the collegevine calculator just have it as any A tier slot as the category doesn't matter just the tier. On the common app the name doesn't matter just the description the same applies for the chancing calculator. The trip the closest category wise would be summer programs but as it lacks an A tier just list it as an A tier.

FYI non arts competition has an A tier.

Hope this helps and comment if you need something clarifies. Also congrats!

Some people may say that is an award but due to the national element and extreme selectivity, it is okay to categorize as an extracircular.

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In the comments Gazell I agree it’s okay to list it as an award and EC.

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