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What would be an example of a tier G EC?

One of the suggestions listed is that I should try and add at list one Tier G extracurricular . What is an example of a Tier G extracurricular.

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10 months ago

According to the College Vine Chancing Profile these are the only G activities:

Non-Art Competitions

I was part of a team that reached the state level competition in this activity in a competitive process


I performed a substantial role in a school play


If my school has multiple groups, I am a member of the highest group in my school

Honor Societies

I was a member of an honor society and had significant involvement e.g. I spent 25 hrs designing and implementing NHS tutoring at my school


I had an unpaid internship at a local small business or government office


I conducted independent research with a college level advisor that won't be published, or I had a research internship with private company

Hope that helps you.

10 months ago

Tier G activities are activities that are impressive, but not extremely impressively. So, if you were part of a dance team and your team went to a state level competition. Also, if you were a lead or an important role in a school play, that would be a tier G activity. If you held school leadership in a specific club, that would be another example. Winning the Scholastic Silver Key is also an example. Even being a member of your highest music group is a Tier G activity. Another example is being involved in NHS and implementing a project to change it, like designing a website for this club. Holding an unpaid internship at a business or organization would be an example. Lastly, doing research with some professor that won’t be published is a tier G activity.


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