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my school doesn’t offer ap classes, what do i do?

i’m building my chancing profile and since my school doesn’t offer any ap classes i wrote 0 to all of the coursework spaces. but when it’s chancing me i think the algorithm thinks about me as i had a chance to take ap/honors classes but i didn’t and it’s automatically lowering my chances of entering schools saying that i need to improve my coursework. how do i fix this? is there a way to specify that my school doesn’t offer any ap/honors classes so there were no possibility of me taking them?

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10 months ago

Hi there! Typically, if you input 0 AP classes (when your school offers 0), our algorithm counts 50% of your honors classes as AP. Unfortunately, since your school offers neither honors nor AP, your situation is unusual relative to most US high schools and is not well supported by our chancing engine. For now, we recommend attending a profile review livestream, (and soon, but not now) you'll be able to connect directly with an admissions officer to ask how the admissions office would see your high school.

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

10 months ago


I'm actually facing the same problem. I'm an international student, so having AP classes is out of the question for me (so I self-studied and gave the exams, but that doesn't show up in the chancing profile either).

There is a place in the chancing profile which asks how many AP/IB classes your school offers (I wrote 0), but that doesn't really change anything in the chancing profile.

However, I would say that don't go by only the chancing profile. If you've taken the hardest courses the school offers, then you should feel confident about your chances. For example, all my classes are A-Level classes, which rank the same as AP classes, so I guess that's how I review my profile.

Also, any chancing profile doesn't truly reflect your chances of getting in. The applicant pool changes every year, and colleges always want some "types" of applicants more than others.

I hope this helped.

10 months ago[edited]

In your chancing profile, there should be a space next to the number of AP courses that you have taken that indicates how many AP courses your school offers (it says "Total AP/IB classes offered by your high school (optional)"). Enter 0 for both and the problem should be fixed. Remember that colleges look at you and your schedule in the context of your school and what is offered, so do not be worried if you are unable to take an AP class. If you want to go above and beyond or possibly earn AP credit still, you can go to the College Board website and look where certain exams are being offered at schools near you and consider self-studying for them or taking related courses and signing up for these exams. This may help distinguish you more when applying to colleges as it shows you put more effort into learning and seeking these opportunities out on your own but, if this is not a viable option for you, do not worry. Let me know if the solution for 0/0 worked. Best of luck!


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