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Should I submit my SAT score if it's more than enough for admission but a bit low for honors?

Hi, I'm a senior working on college applications.

I have automatic admission to UT but I'm really passionate about getting into the Dean's scholars program (a College of Natural Sciences honors program) as a biochemistry major.

I have two questions:

1. How do schools that require the SAT with essay and do not superscore consider scores from the SAT without essay?

2. Is it worth submitting my scores if my scores are on the low end (at or below the 25th percentile) to be accepted into the honors program?

My highest score on the SAT is a1490, which I received from an SAT I took without the essay. My highest score on the SAT with essay is 1470.

My concern is that I will not be competitive for honors, especially if the university doesn't consider any scores from SATs taken without the essay.

As for my extracurriculars, they're good but not spectacular.

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11 months ago

Hey there,

1.) At least 400+ top colleges and universities have dropped the requirement for submitting an SAT or ACT test score this cycle. Some have made the SAT/ACT test blind as well like CalTech so even if you have a 1600/36, they will redact it from your application and not consider it. Since the essay section is an optional sub-component of the SAT/ACT, they are also not required by any college to my knowledge. I think there are certain military academies or lesser colleges that have not gone test optional but the list might as well be nil for someone of your academic record.

2.) According to CV this year if your SAT composite score is within 60 pts of the 25% percentile score say MIT is 1500-1570 last cycle so if you have a 1440 you should still apply to MIT. Since you have a 1490 and a 1470 with essay, I don't think there exists 1 single college that should not submit your test scores to. YEA! BTW (answer if you want in comments) what did you get on your essay? A rule of thumb at near Ivys is to report 18+ and above and at Ivys like 20+ and above for the essay.

Part B of your question, I really do not understand. Why is it important to be in an honors college at a state school system. There are at least 100 top private universities that are 100% need blind and meet 100% of financial need so are you not applying to those kinds of colleges because you think they are expensive? or above your caliber? or too challenging? Many private universities and liberal arts colleges (LACs) are all honors level institutions so they don't differentiate between regular undergrad and honors undergrad. Many of them are more affordable that State systems so unless you have to stay in Texas, I would look at your options and price them out using the college boards NPC Net Price Calculator. You might find they are more affordable than staying in Texas and put you in a state that is relatively safe for your health and well being.

I wish you all the best.


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