11 months ago
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How do you know if your profile has been selected for review?

Hi everyone,

I turned in the form for the application review but I didn't receive any information after that so could someone tell me what usually happens? Do we get a notification if our profile is selected or not? Also how do you know when the next profile review livestream is scheduled? Appreciate all the help!

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11 months ago

So at the moment there is no profile review sessions scheduled. Typically it is once every 3ish weeks if I recall correctly. There’s nothing to garuntee a profile review. If you want your profile reviewed you should have been prompted to refer people through submitting friends email addresses. The more you put the more likely it is yours will be selected. Some time ago (3 months?) I referred 7 people and my profile was 2nd to be reviewed. I’d recommend that if you have any phone numbers of friends Just text them and say is it okay if I refer you to a site so I can get enter into a “drawing” or something along those lines. Or depending on your schools email situation just refer them as it would likely go into the spam folder.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!


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