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Does applying earlier due to merit scholarships improve chances of admission (specifically at USC and Richmond)?

I am applying Regular Decision as a first-time freshman to the University of Southern California and the University of Richmond. The Regular Decision deadlines are January 15 and January 1, respectively, but both require students to apply by December 1 to be considered for merit scholarships?

Will applying by the merit scholarship consideration deadline improve my chances of admission, even if I do not win said scholarships?


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8 months ago

Probably not but there are other benefits if you are a top applicant because a.) you might get a generous scholarship and b.) you might find out early that you are being considered through some notification rather than waiting until the middle or end of March.

If you wrote, I'm applying early decision to Univ of Richmond, I would say that ED applications get a bump in increasing your odds to get in. I'm not sure of the U of Richmond stats but I think RD is like 25% and ED is 48%. I don't think USC has ED or EA.


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