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Should i do ap or dual-enrollment?

I am a sophmore (in florida) and have started to take dual enrollment classes and was wondering should i spend more time on ap or dual enrollment. I was also considering doing early admissions at my local community college which is basically senior year become a full time student to get credits. But i dont know if thats worth it. Im not looking into getting into ivys but i am considering trying to get into bsmd programs or going premed into college. (My high school does offer a lot of ap classes side note) either way another thing i was wondering is what classes i should be taking if i want to go premed?

@OFHanson4 years ago

A minor footnote here: AP classes are accepted at virtually all schools, however, dual credits can differ from school to school and state to state (if you’re going in-state I believe you’ll be fine). Also, AP Bio., Chem., Calc., Stats, Lit., Lang., are good for pre-med prep. and bsmd applications.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Elisa4 years ago

Thank you!

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4 years ago

@OFHanson made some great points, but I just wanted to add that you will likely not be able to fulfill any medical school requirements with AP classes or dual enrollment courses (and even if you were able to, it's not recommended, as you want the material to be fresh for the MCAT). If you're hoping to get credit for non-premed classes, AP classes are generally more widely accepted (unless you're planning to go to an in-state college, as some states have dual enrollment credit guarantees).

As for classes you should be taking, all those mentioned above are great. I'd just add AP Physics to the list, and AP Psych if it's offered.

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

4 years ago

@OFHanson's answer was good.

AP Biology and AP Chem are must-dos for pre-med. AP Physics would also be a good one since almost all med schools require physics. Also, Calculus BC is recommended for pre-med and BS/MD. Here is an article by College Vine about what APs are best, it mentions all of these:


Hope this helps!

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