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How do I see if someone liked/disliked the feedback I provided?

I gave someone some help today - I was glad to - but I want to know if my suggestions aided them or if they were a flop, and I'd like to ask if the person needs anything else, if I missed anything, etc. Is there a way to do that?

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@vassarfudgea year ago

Are you talking about peer essay review feedback or Q & A feedback?

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a year ago

So you most likely won't be able to see how many stars the writer gave you after they rate your review. However, if you look at your average rating (Ex. 5.00 4.5, etc. on the peer essay review page, you should be able to see it go up and down a couple of hours or days after you review one. If it goes up, then definitely a good rating and if it goes down then probably a lower rating.


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