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How does starting a non-profit impact college admissions?

I am a sophomore in high school. My grades are excellent with 97s or higher in all of my classes. My weighted GPA is a 102.63 and I am rank 10 out of 721 students. I plan on majoring in pre-med, and I want to become a doctor (possibly working in geriatrics). Recently, I needed to start a service project in my Service GT class. The gist of my project is sending letters to a nursing home nearby my city and wishing them happy holidays, merry christmas, etc. I am currently working with a senior care center right now and they have 36 seniors in their center. We will be sending them a happy holidays letter for Christmas and I want to continue doing that for later years. What are some ways that I can expand my non-profit into something I can use on my application?


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7 months ago

Hi! I think what you are doing is a great idea and you can definitely expand it to be a Non-profit. However, there are definitely organizations already doing that (Ex. "Love for our elders). You can definitely keep on doing it locally, but it would be really hard to expand it since it already exists. Generally, Non-profits look good if they are something unique, but doing that definitely wouldn't hurt.


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