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Does a 4 on AP Biology hurt my chances for majoring in Pre-Med?

I took AP Biology as a freshman in high school (2019-2020 school year). My grades in that class were very good and were consistently above a 96. I ended the year with a final average of 96 in AP Biology as a freshman. As you know, the AP exams were different in the 2019-2020 school year because they switched to online. Unfortunately, I got a 4 on the AP test. I really want to major in Pre-Med and maybe even enter into a BS/MD program. How will my 4 affect my admission chances for pre-med majors for normal colleges or BS/MD programs at colleges who offer that?


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Honestly, I don't think your 4 will count against you. If you want to bolster your Bio academics, I would take the SAT 2 Subject Tests in Biology and aim for a 750+ which is 77% percentile for Molecular Bio and 87% for Ecological Bio. No need to take the AP Bio exam over, just study for the SAT 2, and a high score will overcompensate for the 4 since you already earned the A grade.

The same thing happened to me in AP Env. Science. I had a 97% got an A+ and a 4 on the online exam. Those AP online exams really were a disaster.

Hope that answers your question and gives you some options.


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