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Does UChicago accept SAT Subject test scores? And what should I put in my transfer essay?

I'm a transfer student from a community college, and it's been years since I took the ACT. I'm planning to take two SAT Subject Tests, but I didn't see anything about submitting them on UChicago's website, and they're my number one choice. Does anyone know if they accept them? Also, as a community college transfer student, what should I put in my why I want to transfer essay?

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4 years ago

There is a small paragraph written about SAT 2 Subject tests for UChicago, they do not require them for transfer students nor the essay portion of the SAT/ACT either.


"For students who elect to submit an ACT or SAT score, we have no preference between the two tests or between the "old" SAT and the "new" SAT. We will continue to accept scores from the old version of the SAT for the five years' scores remain valid (with an exception for veteran applicants). The writing portion of the ACT or the SAT is not required, nor are any SAT Subject Tests. We do not have minimum test score requirements."

Regards to your 2nd question, only you and you alone should decide why you want to transfer to UChicago as a community college student. No one here who is in high school can ascertain your personal motivation or why you think you should have a place a UChicago. Very few cc students make the leap to transfer to a Top 10 research university since most transfers between community colleges are to State Schools or maybe colleges/universities that are 1 or 2 levels more difficult. It's admirable you are shooting for UChicago but like myself, I think the admissions officers want to know why you think you are a good fit for them and how you can enrich their campus and student body. That is what all "Why Us" essays want to find out correct?

Hope that helps you.

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