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How do I make myself more attractive to colleges?

I have a 3.73 unweighted GPA, do a bunch of extracurriculars (Model UN, Student Advocates) that I think would be useful in the field I want to go into (PoliSci), and am taking additional classes (such as AP comparative government, cultural anthropology, and forensic science) to make my course list more diverse. How do I make my transcript more attractive and/or diversify myself??

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What grade are you in? How many AP classes have you taken? Honors classes? What std. tests have you taken and what's your test scores? What's your weighted GPA? What ECs do you do outside of schools? Community service? Projects?

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I would say try to get leadership roles in different clubs or activities in your school, especially if they are related to your future major. It looks good too if you get leadership roles in your school too like class office (President, Vice president etc)


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