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How do I go about sending my SAT scores?

I already applied to all my schools, and I’m taking the test in December. Do I send my scores now? I realize that I haven’t taken it yet but I’m not sure how that works or if you do it ahead of time. Would I do it during the test or after, or wait until I get my scores? Whenever I do send them, is there a limit to how many schools I send it to, does it cost money to self-report/ how do I do that? Should I also send my scores to schools that have already accepted me or is that pointless.


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11 months ago

On the college board, you log into the SAT section and select which colleges you wish to send your test scores to.

Usually, at the time you register for the SAT, you can list up to 4 colleges to report the score to for free. Did you do that?

If you didn't do that, it is still possible, to modify your registration and add up to 4 colleges for free reports.

If you are no longer allowed to make that modification, each SAT report for each instance you take the test is $12.00 per school.

And you can have the college board send those SAT scores directly after you take the exam following the example I gave you above.

Or you cant wait until you get your test results back, and decide for yourself, if you want to submit the Dec.SAT score. If you decide yes, it will be $12 per test score per college. The 4 freebies only are a possibility if you definitely want to report and submit to those 4 schools.

The last possibility is that you can pre-pay to send the Free 4 colleges plus and other colleges at $12 a pop. So if you had 10 colleges, you can try to still get the 4 freebies and pay $72 for the other 6 colleges. There is no limit on how many colleges you can send test scores to. Collegeboard likes to make money.

To answer your last question, I feel it is pointless to send an SAT score to a college that already accepted you.

Good luck.


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