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Are Dual Credit classes counted as college classes for the chancing calculator?

I’ve taken several Dual Enrollment or Dual Credit courses and I was hoping to enter them into the chancing calculator, but I wanted to double check that they are counted as “ College courses taken at a local four-year or community college.” Since you sign up for the credit via the colleges, I would assume this is true, but could I get confirmation? Thank you.

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@OFHanson4 years ago [edited]

Er—I’m not sure about the chancing calculator, but I do know one odd thing with dual credits: many colleges (specifically some elite out-of-state) will reject these credits and require you to take the courses at their institution. In turn, this could play an impact on the chancing calculator but I’m not entirely sure. In-state colleges are will likely benefit you with these. Hoped this “footnote” helped somewhat : )

[🎤 AUTHOR]@SBarz4 years ago

Yep! Almost all the out-of-state colleges I’m looking at don’t count dual-enrollment credit. I’m sure they’ll still be recognized as academically rigorous, so I’m hoping that will help my chances?

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4 years ago

There is no Dual Enrollment check box on the chancing calculator, only College Coursework which is not the same thing.

But it's a close proxy for Dual Enrollment so if you took say 3 classes college work dual enrollment, I'd enter 3 college classes in the chancing calculator.

That's what I did. I had 6 Dual Enrollment classes and 2 college classes so I put (8) under college courses.

Hope that helps.

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