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Will a 5 on AP Chem test cover up bad AP Chem class grades?


I got a B+ on AP Chem Quarter 1 grade. And I think will get a B+ again for Quarter 2. I am scared about college.


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I don't think a 5 or 770 on your SAT 2 subject tests fully makes up for a B+ in the course work but they come pretty close.

The most important thing is that you tried your best and tried to master the material through other means and outside testing.

AP Chem is one of the hardest APs to take so give yourself some credit for showing course rigor and taking one of the hardest classes and doing well in it.

There is nothing shameful about a B+.

I hope that helps you.

Definitely agree with @CameronBameron here. A B+ in AP Chem is going to be OK for the vast majority of colleges and isn't something you should be scared about. The fact is, AP scores hold very little weight in the actual decision process. Colleges care much more about you taking the class in the first place than what you get on your AP test.