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Chancing profile on college vine


So I have a 3.1 uw gpa a 4.39/6 w gpa and strong extracurriculars according to college vine. It says my chance of getting into boston university is 80-92% , but my stats fall below. I am an African American women, but I didn't include that in my chancing profile, as I know sometimes it can alter the chancing. Would you say this is accurate or how accurate is their chancing profile?


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You are not allowed to ask chancing questions on this Q & A but I highly recommend you run it again as a AA female and see if it's better or worse. Also, BU's avg UWGPA is like 3.71 so regardless of the chancing engine, you are on the low side. Try to bolster your grades with high APs scores, other Test Scores. You are going to get a boost for being a female AA person, but I'm not so sure it's like .60 of a GPA boost so take the chancing % with a grain of salt.

People might downgrade you but since it's your first time I hope they let the question stand.

Thanks so much. I had a 1240 but didn't submit. I ran it again and it increased my chances for BU and made my hard targets safeties. What would you say about this?
I would not trust Hard Targets turning into Safeties because of the color of your skin. You do get a bump but maybe it's only like Hard Target to Target.