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ACT vs SAT which one is cheaper?

ACT or SAT which one will be cheaper for an international student overall? If we consider the fees of sending the scores to different colleges, registration fees (if any) etc. How much would the both cost in total?

p.s. I plan on giving two or three SAT subject tests too.


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The ACT and SAT are essentially the same cost and sending the reports to colleges is like $12 per college for the SAT and $13 per college for the ACT.

Both have an optional Essay section which costs about $15 per test as well. Since you are an international student you should look up the cost in your country in your local currency because we don't know where you live. From what I can tell either the SAT or ACT will cost about $68 for the test w/essay and then you have to pay a regional fee between $43 and $53 and then some countries require a test center fee of $24, so budget like $133 to $143 for the SAT or ACT. 3 Subject tests will about $100 for Int'l students. And then if you apply to 10 colleges add like $100 for sending the test scores to the colleges for each test, so $100 for the SAT/ACT and another $100 for the Subject tests.

Also keep in mind that here in the US, at the 1/2 the tests were cancelled due to COVID-19 and you have to wear a mask and guaranty you are not sick prior to taking the test, they will take your temperature as well.

You shouldn't decide which test to take based on cost. You should decide based on which one you will do better on. So take a practice SAT and a practice ACT and then decide. Not everyone does equally well on both formats. One format is typically better than the other for the test taker based on how well they take tests.

Hope that helps.

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Also, if you live in Florida, because of Covid-19 there will be fee waiver. That means you take SAT with or without essay for free, but I only have 6 times to take it before I will have to pay for it.

I am not sure about ACT yet.

@CameronBameron has explained all about both.


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