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Is there a place where I can talk to some advisors or present students about their universities and ask for advise?


I'm an international student who doesn't have anyone in our family or nearby who has studied abroad. It is very hard to single-handedly gather information online and find specific answers to the questions I have. Therefore it would be of great help if someone could suggest me someplace where I could ask and talk to someone about the whole process and about some specific universities.

P.S- I cannot pay any money-


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Hey, I really attest to the situation that single handedly gathering reliable, relavent and precious advice about the college without help of any expensive counscelors can be really stressful and sometimes discouraging. What I did is that I went to the official sites of the college and took "virtual tours" and "meet a current student " sessions , most of the colleges offer such sessions for free . But in worse case if yor are still not able to find the student , I will suggest that if you ever wrote a mail to college admissions office about queries, then you might be knowing that they do reply. So try to tap the topic about your situation and need to be in contact with a current student in the mails , that may land on an interview with that college student.

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I also had a similar problem and found it very helpful to use specific websites for scholarships or colleges that you would like to look into (Common App,, etc.) and signed up for their emails or texts messaging. Often times if you show interest in a college on most application related sites they will contact you about ways to get in touch with college counselors, students, virtual tours, etc. If not, I highly recommend looking into their websites and especially their "apply" pages. Most of the time they will have countless resources listed for you to connect with counselors or students. When it comes to the whole process all together I highly recommend the college essay guy or any other college application help website (like CollegeVine!) and you can even reach out to mentors from your school who may have any advice.

Thank you very much for the advise! Btw can you recommend me some other reliable college application websites?
I personally came across this www.webifairs but most of the prestigious colleges dont take part in such 3rd party fairs coz they dont need to attract students so u will mostly find low tier colleges there, look for college pass if You are intersted in EU countries or Canada.
Thanks again!