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Should I put a honorable mention in the honors section?


I have been selected for a national Chemistry Olympiad in my country and I received an honorable mention for it. Should I mention it in the honors section? Or should I only mention medals I've won in other olympiads?

You should mention that for sure!! That’s pretty amazing to represent a country! Congrats! (I attempted the National Chemistry Olympiad [ASC it’s called here] but failed; it’s much tougher to represent the U.S.)

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This is great, congratulations! If you have the space I would suggest putting the honorable mention in the honors section. I would also suggest prioritizing state/national-level awards in this section over regional/local high school awards -- if they are unique and harder to accomplish as a high schooler. Not all awards that you list have to be placements (i.e. first/second/third place), honorable mentions at a high level are still substantial awards.

Regional as in state region like Long Island NYC Upstate and Greater Buffalo or regions like Midwest?
Also OP I’d focus your honor description on qualifying for the national event not in how you did there.