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Can a recommendation letter be submitted late on the Common App?

My coach said he will submit a recommendation letter by December 1st on the Common App. He hasn't started and is not picking up his phone or answering his emails, so it's looking pretty unlikely he will fulfill his promise. If he submits his recommendation letter after the deadline, will the college admissions board still consider/see it?


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10 months ago[edited]

If you are concerned he will not write your recommendation with the next 7 days, then I suggest you find an alternative teacher to take his place.

I would not count on an Early Decision or Early Action college to extend deadlines but if you feel compelled to write them, I'm sure you have the contact information for the college's admissions office.

In my experience, I wouldn't be freaking out with an entire week to go. I had to have close to 10 teachers write me recommendations between colleges and scholarships and contests etc and not one of them ever submitted theirs a week ahead of the deadline. Most have submitted either the day before and a few the day of the deadline. No one dropped me or forgot so you should maybe not be stressing like this. I'm certain that other CV members have the same experience as me versus what you are doing.

It would be better for you just to send a friendly reminder instead of lots of emails and phone messages in the future. Usually a week before the deadline I send a nice note like "Hi Ms. D, I hope you are having a great break and taking time to do something fun like baking a pie or go for a hike. I'm catching up on my homework and working on my applications. Which reminds me, I have you down for a recommendation on the 1st. Let me know if for some reason you can't fulfill doing that and I'll completely understand and find another recommender. Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving and I hope you get to see some of your closest friends and family. Sincerely Lilli."

Good luck and try to have a better way of coping with the stress you put on yourself.


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