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What teachers should submit on the "update bottom" on the common app ?

I am an international student and at my school I am the first student ever to apply for an international college, so they don't know what to do as neither do I; therefore, we are struggling to get what to forms to submit, owing to the fact that the update is mandatory and my grades and stuff are going to be submitt by my counselor. And the " letter of recomendation is done in another spot, as they told me.In advance I appreciate you guys time and effort !!

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Hi, I think the forms mentioned are your transcripts(as of now, it's basically a summary of all your grades since your first year in high school), counselor recommendation form, your school report(I believe it contains courses offered at your school, graduating size, class rank, and class average), and midyear report(your current grade after the test you've taken in your senior year)

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Hi there,

Thanks for asking a question that I'm sure will help plenty of international students in this process! We want to make sure you get the best answers possible, so would you mind briefly clarifying what update you're referring to? Is this a midyear report/update? If so, this usually just includes your grades for the fall term of your final year of school (any grades you have received since submitting your initial application).



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