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11/26/2020 at 10:09PM

Do science Olympiads help in college admissions, and do I put them in the extracurricular section or awards?

If I got semifinalist in the biology Olympiad, then is that a good achievement or should I only add this in my college apps if I was a finalist? Semifinalist is usually top 10% of test takers in the Olympiad. Also, where would I add this in my college apps?


@OFHanson11/26/2020 at 11:21PM

I’d say awards/honors; I put my American Chemistry Society (ACS) test award there from my state. I took the Chemistry Olympiad and earned a scholarship from it 10th grade year and a top-10 score in my state 11th grade year. EC’s are more like hobbies that are done for the fulfillment of creativity/curiosity. If that hobby EARNS you something (like a prize or trophy—something your proud of), then you should place it in the awards/honors section

@Tacotruck11/26/2020 at 11:22PM

It's definitely a good achievement to have so you should probably put it on your app unless you have a lot of super stellar awards.

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11/30/2020 at 05:04AM

You should definitely include it on your college apps. Not only does it show that you have a lot of depth in terms of knowledge with bio, but it also shows that you were most likely committed to studying for it. You dont need to make IBO to put Bio olympiad on your apps :) And you put it under the activities section of the common app. Hope this helps!