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Help regarding: summer programs and internships

I’m interested in applying to summer programs and internships but not sure when would be a good time to apply. I’m a freshmen and my passions include math computer science and engineering however I haven’t really been in any classes related to CS and engineering however I have a passion project with CS. I wanted to know if I should wait for more experience for and internship or summer program and what could I do to get an internship? And where should I look for internships?

@OFHanson4 years ago

To earn an internship, you can apply or email a professor of any institution to conduct “research” within your desired field (I don’t recommend the latter till Junior year). Also, you can use the web to look up some programs; I had a friend who did some type of STEM program the summer of his freshman year—the Greenbank Observatory he went to (WV). The time is right at anytime, the question is, are you ready to commit to it?

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Thank you! By research do you mean like a research project or just researching my desired field?

@OFHanson4 years ago

Research can mean anything in any particular field, but because I’m a STEM major, for me this would mean researching a vague topic with no solutions—such as working towards a cancer cure. I’m not entirely sure if you’re interested in STEM or the humanities, but they can vary. For example, an English major would probably research historical literature texts, derive their meaning in a certain context, and publish there works.

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3 years ago

You mentioned you are a freshman, I think you should look into a summer programs instead of internships for CS that you can do during the summer, Programs are more beginner friendly and usually require no experience. Applications for summer programs usually open during this time. Just search up "CS Summer programs near me" and you may look through various resources. When you are a sophomore or junior and have better experience with CS then perhaps you can earn an internship, or apply for one. Hope this helps!

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