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To what schools should I send my scores?

I am a senior in high school and I am currently applying to college. I am applying to some state schools, like Binghamton and Stony Brook, and a good amount of private schools such as Georgetown and Boston University. I have a 29 ACT score so I'm guessing it may hurt my application rather than help it for some schools. I am wondering to what schools I should send this score to and which to apply test optional to?

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This application cycle CV recommends that if you have an ACT score that is within 3 points of the lower bound 50% middle score of the college, you should submit that score. Since both BU and GTown are 32-35 then your 29 would qualify for CV's recommendation and I think you have nothing to lose, just the time you put into your application.

If that is the new normal hard and fast rule then I would recommend these other schools as well:

Bates College

Colby College

Middlebury College

Connecticut College

Trinity College

Vassar College

Hamilton College

Colgate University

Smith College

Wellesley College


Barnard College

U Michigan

Bryn Mawr College

George Washington University


Wake Forest

William & Mary

Washington and Lee

Davidson College

University of Miami



Santa Clara

Mount Holyoke

Lewis and Clark

University of Washington

Reed College

Tulane University

Trinity University

University of Maryland

University of Rochester


Union College

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As a heads up, Georgetown is test-flexible, but not test-optional. If you have a record of testing, you have to send in all of your test scores. If you do not have a record of testing, you are not required to provide scores to apply.

I'm just a parent, but DD's counselor recommended not to send in ACT scores unless it was in the top half of admit scores for that school or "an excellent score like 31 or above." It was a Zoom meeting and I didn't understand the logic behind that, so take the advice with a grain of salt.


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