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Do Stanford undergrad programs vary in difficulty to get into?

I want to be a computer engineer, so I have major in computer science and electrical engineering, I think I’ve heard that it’s more difficult To get into electrical engineering programs that it is for computer science programs, but is it the level of difficulty if it’s Stanford? I know it’s a really competitive school I was just wondering.


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4 years ago

All the majors for degrees awarded for Stanford are the following percentages according to the last Common Data Set.

Engineering - 19.0%

Computer and Info. Sciences - 17.4%

Interdisciplinary Studies - 14.5%

Social Sciences - 12.5%

Math and Statistics - 5.0%

Engineering Tech - 4.9%

Physical Sciences - 4.2%

Biology/Life Sciences 3.8%

Foreign Language/Lit/Linguistics 2.9%

Visual and Performing Arts - 2.7%

English 2.6%

Area, Ethnic/Gender Studies 2.5%

Visual and Performing Arts - 2.7%

Psychology 2.4%

History 1.9%

Philosophy/Religion 1.5%

Communication/Journalism 1.4%

Public Admin. and Social Services 0.7%

What you can glean from these stats is that Engineering (any kind of engineering) and CS are the Top 2 degrees conferred at Stanford so its a coin toss whether to apply to Engineering or CS if you are applying because 36.4% of the admits are going to get a degree in either of those majors. Now if you wanted to be a Pre Med, it would be easier to get into Stanford if you picked something related like Psychology and changed majors to Biology. Actually scratch that, Med Schools these days are agnostic about what you study undergrad as long you fulfill the requirements and get great grades and MCAT scores.

Good luck.

4 years ago

The computer science major has more students who try to declare it than get in, BUT Stanford does not have you apply to a department or major. The school actually discourages early major declaration, so students can explore their interests. Stanford has a unique quarter system that allows students to take more classes than a typical semester system affords. This means students can explore interests in their first year without risking on-time graduation.

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